• Night Photography

  • Dramatic night photography will be shot of your home. Doing this type of photography gives the home a dramatic effect and causes the potential buyers to take a closer look at your home in print advertising.

    You can see some of this dramatic night photography in Palm Springs Life Magazine.

  • Aerial Photography

  • An aerial photograph of your home or neighborhood or both will be taken.

    This gives potential buyers a birdís eye view as to the location of the development and your home to other landmarks in the valley.

  • CD ROM Multimedia Brochures

  • Multimedia brochures will be available to buyers. This promotional piece is rarely thrown away and can become a powerful marketing asset. This CDROM is limited to homes priced $500,000 and up unless special arrangements are made.

  • Virtual 360 Degree Tours

  • The virtual tour is another innovative way to market properties on-line. The virtual tour showcases four to six areas of your home and gives the viewer the "virtual experience" of your property. It accompanies the listing on the Website and is also sent via email to potential buyers and targeted Realtors.

  • Your property listed on 4 different websites

  • Call us to find out exactly which websites you home will be listed on. It will depend on the list price of you home. Of course your own website and Realtor.com will be included.

  • A Website built of your home and submitted to 35 search engines

  • A custom website of your home will be built with your home address as the domain name, i.e.: www.57795 SouthValleyLane.com. Feel free to check out this address to see what your home website can look like. Have a direct link to your home from anywhere in the world. A full advertising campaign will be done promoting your homes website to buyers worldwide.

  • Multimedia E-mail Campaigns

  • Full multimedia email campaigns can dramatically enhance the exposure of a property to potential buyers. Utilizing multimedia email gives you the opportunity mass distribute a properties features in a way that can easily be saved for future viewing and forwarded on to another family member or buyer who might be interested with just a click of the mouse.

  • Color Postcards and Property Brochures Printed up of your Home

  • Custom direct mail will include postcards to homeowners and buyers generating leads and potential buyers for our listings. The Just Listed/Just Sold program notifies a highly targeted group of residents of your propertyís debut onto the market. Each listing is also evaluated and placed in the appropriate magazines, newspapers and newsletters that will bring it to the attention of the right buyer.




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